About Me

So hey I’m Shannon.

I am as of right now 37 years old. I have been blogging for more than a decade and here we are. This is a brand new thing.

My previous blog (find it here) was mostly me trying to focus on Fat Acceptance and body issues.

Frankly while I still am very passionate about fatness and bodies, I’m not as passionate about doing all that work for free and seeing my work used both directly and indirectly without my permission or even a heads up.

I also feel like I wanted a clean start so I feel a bit more comfortable just posting about me and my little life. If you came from my old blog and are coming along for the ride YAY! If you were only here for the fatness that is okay too.

So what are we gonna talk about?

That’s the best part I don’t even know.

If you’re interested in reading my other writing visit my official author site right over here.

Also before commenting or citing/using my work please see the rules page please and thank you.


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