The Rules on Commenting, Using my work and everything else.

Okay due to some issues over the years here are the rules in my brand new litterbox.

On Commenting.

  1. Free speech does not mean you can come here and say what you want. I pay for this space and if I find your words to be offensive I won’t post them.
  2. I will not put up with racism, misogyny, harassment, sizeism or general mean spirited (or even well intentioned) bullshit. See rule #1.
  3. If you are feeling some type of way and hate me, read somewhere else. Go here.
  4. If arguing busts out and shit gets personal, I may or may not delete individual comments.

On using my existing work from my blog here or from this new blog here are the rules.

  1. My name is Shannon Barber, it is all over please use both my first and last name.
  2. Use proper attribution for your project. Whether it is an academic paper, textbook, other book.
  3. If you are getting paid you must contact me to ask my permission to use my work. More so if you are quoting me.
  4. If you would like to use my content entirely, contact me for my rates.
  5. Please do this thank you. I work hard on what I write and don’t appreciate seeing my work being misused.


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